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The best mice traps | Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
Aspectek Mouse Trap, Reusable and Easy To Use Snap Traps, Pack of 6
  • REUSABLE AND NO CHEMICAL USED: The trap is easy to use, easy to clean, can be reused for multiple catches throughout the seasons. No need for use of toxic, harsh and harmful chemicals.
  • PERFORMED BAIT CUP: Preformed bait cup is built to allow easy baiting without spilling, dropping or misplacing the bait. The bait cup is designed to firmly hold the food, easy to be seen and captured by the metal bar. It is simple, safe and sanitary.
  • STURDY STRUCTURE: Made of durable polystyrene and strong steel construction, the trap is sturdy and has powerful snap.
Bestseller No. 2
Centurion 90102 PSF135 Fast Action Mouse Killer Twin pack - Multi-Color
  • Pre-baited boxes
  • Kills up to 100 mice
  • No bait handling required
Bestseller No. 3
MLG Tools Mouse Trap Instantly Quick Response 6 PACK, Best Humane Kill - Easy Reusable Mouse Control Snap Traps Set
  • Durable polystyrene and steel construction.
  • Resist stains and odors common in old-fashioned wooden traps.
  • Can be reused, it's easy to set and release.
Bestseller No. 4
The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Traps (Baited, Easy to Set, Kills Mice, Quick Results Guaranteed) (Pack of 2)
  • Twin pack of powerful, effective mouse traps are baited and ready to use; set killer traps with just one touch
  • Get rid of mice in your home and garden with two pack of baited mouse traps that kill instantly; traps are guaranteed to kill mice
  • For effective results, place the two mouse traps 2-3 metres apart where mice are active
Bestseller No. 5
Pest-Stop Trip-Trap (Single)
  • The safe way to deal with unwanted house guests
  • Easy to bait, set and release
  • Transparent plastic body means trap is easily monitored
Bestseller No. 6
Home Solutions Best Mouse Traps That Work, 6 Pack Mice Trap, Humane Kill Instantly Reusable Critter Catcher & Easy To Bait
  • LONG LASTING The Home SolutionsTM Mouse Traps that Work are Easy to use, Can be Reused from a simple Clean for Multiple Catches Throughout the Seasons. No need for Rat Poison, Mouse Poison, Toxic, Harsh and Harmful Chemicals.
  • DESIGN & QUALITY Preformed Bait Cup Allows Easy Baiting without Spilling, Dropping or Misplacing The Lure. The Mouse Traps are Designed to Firmly Hold the Food, Making it easier for the Rodent to be Captured by the Metal Bar.
  • MATERIALS Made of Durable Polystyrene and Strong Steel Construction, These Snap Traps are Powerful, Kill Fast for a more Humane way and Sturdy. They Perform Better Than the Wooden Traps, Electric Mouse Traps, Mouse Glue Traps Pads, Mouse Repellers, Mice Repellent, Mouse Repellent & Mice Repellent Ultrasonic.
Bestseller No. 7
Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap - Pack of 4
  • The original wooden based wire snap trap with large scented plastic trip pedal
  • Clean and quick trapping; economical and effective
  • Safe to use around food and water; indoors or outdoors
Bestseller No. 8
Pest Stop Trip Trap Boxed
  • The safe way to deal with unwanted house guests
  • Easy to bait and set
  • Mice cannot take bait without triggering trap
Bestseller No. 9
Ayuboom Humane Mouse Trap,Catches Mice Alive,Plastic Rat Trap,Ransparent Reusable by
  • MOUSE HOLE DESIGN:This design attracts mouse and surely helps catch more mouse because we all know the mouse like drilling holes .
  • AENSITIVE PEDAL:The gear-type will lock the hole revolving door automatically and keeps the mouse in after the mouse come into the hole . Suitable for both small and big mouse.
  • SAFE USE: It's not safe to use the traditional mouse traps or any glues traps around Children and Pets. There is a safe way to deal with unwanted house guests.
Bestseller No. 10
The Big Cheese Mouse and Rat Attractant (Natural, Poison-Free Bait, Attracts Rodent Pests, Re-baits up to 60 Traps), 26 g Tube
  • Mouse and rat attractant increases catch rates in all types of The Big Cheese live catch and snap traps - more effective than cheese or peanut butter
  • Easy to use 30 g tube will re-bait up to 60 traps
  • Clean and easy to apply - bait tube can be stored between applications
Bestseller No. 12
Pest-Stop Sure-Set Plastic Mouse Trap
  • Easy one-click setting and release - ideal for mouse-catching novices
  • Quick and humane
  • Bait well eliminates chance of bait theft
Bestseller No. 13
Beat The Pest Metal Multi Mouse Trap - Live Catch upto 10 Mice
  • Professional Metal Multi Catch Mouse Trap
  • A common solution where traditional traps and baits have failed
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
Bestseller No. 14
Victor Electronic Mouse Trap for 100% Kill Rate
  • 100% kill rate means mice are quickly, cleanly and safely killed with a high voltage electric shock leaving no blood or mess
  • Along with not needing poisons, chemicals and toxic baits the unique tunnel design and safety switch means this trap is perfect for home and commercial use, and is safe around children and pets
  • This trap kills 100+ mice per set of 4 AA batteries; and there's no need to constantly check inside the trap as once a mouse is killed the indicator light flashes
Bestseller No. 15
OuYi Mouse Trap - 6 Pack, Plastic Rat Trap High Sensitive Mouse Catcher, Safe - Effective - Sanitary - Humane (RatTrap_UK)
  • High Sensitive - 15 grams of weight is enough to trigger the trap and ensures kill all the rats and mouse
  • Powerful Spring - kills the mouse faster, bite rat tighter than other traps
  • Safe - The bottom bait cup is easy to set up and is safety guaranteed.This trap eliminates the use of fingers to set up like in traditional methods, avoiding any possible injury to your fingers.
Bestseller No. 16
Humane Mouse Trap, Rodent Trap, Mouse Traps No Kill, Castries Mice Traps Humane, Catch and Release Trap, Brown, 1 Pack
  • Humane Design -Humane traps, no kill no hurt, catch live mouse. There are five bar-type air holes for mice to breathe. The entire design is humane and won't hurt mice just keep them inside the trap until you set them free.
  • High Quality - Made of premium ABS engineering plastic, durable and corrosion-resistant. The reinforced metal plates both on the front and back doors make it difficult for rodents to chew and claw, so they are not easy to break away.
  • Easy to Catch and Release - Just put bait (peanut butter, breads etc.) into the dismountable compartment and open the door, then put the trap in the place that mice often haunt, when the mouse goes into it, its weight and movement will trigger the spring, then the door will close. When you want to set it free, just open the door
Bestseller No. 17
Amtech S5320 Rotary Platform, Clear
  • Manufactured From Durable Plastic
  • Quick And Easy To Set And Reusable
  • Simple Spring Loaded Mechanism With Serrated Edged Teeth To Jaws
Bestseller No. 18
Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap - Twin Pack
  • Kill-gate: Designed to quickly and humanely kill mice indoors or outdoors
  • Covered trap - safe around children and pets
  • Easy to use: Setting instructions printed on the trap
Bestseller No. 19
Pest-Stop Multicatch Metal Mouse Trap
  • High quality galvanised, rust resistant steel trap
  • Designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at one time without harm
  • Multiple entry points for an increased catch rate
Bestseller No. 20
VENSMILE Humane Mouse Trap No Kill Live Mice Catch Cage for Home kitchen Carden (2 Pack)
  • NO KILL CATCH MICE: Vensmile no kill mouse trap with a spring door that closes once the mouse go inside to eat the bait which you set. Once the door closes, the mouse can't get out until you open it up
  • EXTREMELY SAFE: No poison; No glue; No touching mice or any dropping so no risk of disease; Safe around children and pets; Especially suitable for use at home
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place the peanut butter in the compartment and open the spring door. When mice are caught alive and unharmed, all you have to do is take the trap out to a wooded area and release the mouse
Bestseller No. 21
PestBye Advanced Whole House Mouse Repellent - Mice and Rat Repeller
  • The PestBye Whole House Rat and Mice repeller combines both ultrasonic and electro-magnetic technology
  • Combines two pest control systems: Electro-Magnetic Interference and Ultrasonic noise
  • Covers houses up to 2000sq ft (4 bed house)
Bestseller No. 22
Fixman 197512 Humane Cage Mouse Trap 250 x 90 x 90mm
  • Strong steel wire cage with plywood base
  • For humanely controlling invasive or problematic mouse population
  • Traps but doesn't harm rodents inside the cage
Bestseller No. 23
Bestseller No. 24
Electronic Rodent Trap, Clean and Humane Extermination of Mice, Rats and Squirrels – For Serious Pest Control and Rodent Termination (Uses Mains Adapter Or Battery)
  • EASY TO USE - Electronic rodent trap is extremely easy to use, with no glue required. Simply bait, place, turn on and empty. Exterminating pests has never been easier.
  • ADVANCED SMART DETECTION TECHNOLOGY - Electronic rodent killers are the quickest and easiest way to kill rats, mice, squirrels or other similar rodents. Their traps are equipped with advanced smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters the trap. Their precision detection technology, plus 100% kill rate makes them an ideal way to control your rodent problem.
  • HUMANE KILL (CLEAN & SIMPLE) - No poisons, chemicals and toxins are required. Once inside, 7000 V electric shock kills rodents quickly, cleanly and safely with no blood and no mess. Since rodents can restart their hearts after an electric shock, this trap applies a continuous shock for two minutes to ensure a complete, humane kill.
Bestseller No. 25
Hasbro Classic Mousetrap Game
  • Reviewed by MENSA for Kids
  • Practice valuable skills in construction, cause and effect, and decision-making
  • The classic game of mouse-catchin' action
Bestseller No. 27
Humane Mouse Trap, 32 cm Enlarged Smart Mouse and Rodent Trap, Humane Catch Cage Easy to Set and No Kill The Mice, Live Rat Traps For Indoor & Outdoor Use, Pets & Children Friendly Mice Trap Works for Small and Big Mouse, Easy to Clean and Reusable Humane Mice Trap, Brown Color Like a Real Mouse Home
  • Humane Mice Trap - No kill, just lock them in when they are trying to eat the peanut inside the trap. 32cm(12.3 inchs) lengthened catch cage make sure these little guys live comfortably inside until you free them.
  • Safety Rat Trap - Catch mouse without poison,glue and other dangerous mouse kill trap, you should immediately get this humane trap if you want to keep your children or pets out of those safety problem.
  • Smart & Durable Design - The pedal in mouse trap is supported by a highly sensitive spring, just a slight touch, it will trigger switch and close the door. Both the front and back doors are reinforced by metal sheets. Once the mice come in, it is very difficult to escape!
Bestseller No. 28
Little Nipper Mouse Traps (4 pack)
  • The original and most trusted conventional mouse trap - accept no imitations!
  • The most recognisable and popular name in rodent control
  • Unique raised treadle platform means it has an astoundingly high catch rate
Bestseller No. 29
Gardigo Hidden-Mouse Trap Set of 2, mousetrap, mouse control hygienic and protective trap hidden in housing
  • The mouse runs into the housing and is killed hidden
  • protects against inadvertent contact and triggering of the trap. Perfect in households with children and pets!
  • Plastic material has been used, this is easy to clean and hygienically acceptable. Furthermore, the material is durable and suitable for multiple use
Bestseller No. 30
GPISEN Humane Mouse Trap No Kill Live Mice Catch Cage (2 Pack)
  • HUMANE -- No kill catch live mouse trap, no harmful construction.
  • SAFY -- No poison,No glue,No risk of disease.Safe for children and pets,especially suitable for use at home.
  • SIMPLE -- Place the peanut butter in the compartment and open the spring door. When mice are caught alive and unharmed, all you have to do is take the trap out to a wooded area and release the mouse.

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